Laurel Wreath Old Times

The myth was some kind of a magical background for the next few centuries, especially in Greece and its vicinity. The ancient Greeks, inspired by the courage of the gods, “continued” the tradition of the Olympics and Pythian games, the aim of which was to be publicly crowned the Winner with a Wreath of Laurel. … Read more

The Myth

The mythological origins of the ‘Olympics’ include the story where Pelops defeated and killed his future father-in-law King Oenomaus in a chariot race, and that Hercules put on the games to honour his father after he won over the perfidious King Augeas. The Mythological background: Left: The place in Delphi where the Pythian Games took … Read more

Laurel Wreath Today

Where can we find the laurel wreath today? Actually, if we just look around us, the answer is anywhere! In Maryland (US), we can even find a city, named “the City of Laurel”… Gone by are the times when only Olympic athletes had the honour of wearing it. These days, the wreath, as been a … Read more

Ambiguous Still…

Comments: As you can see, the song “Ambiguous Still” was written primarily about hatred and anger, which was “treasured” inside for very long time. Hate and wrath, that resulted from a merciless betrayal and will probably never be forgiven. Ambiguous Still When the tears are suffocatingMy zealous will to live,I feel the tide of hatred … Read more


Comments: “Lone” was written in the end of October 2006, and originally was supposed to be called “True face”, yet after a little thinking I decided that “lone” would fit far better and will sum up this short poem a lot better. The loneliness portrayed here is, same like in all my other songs, emotional … Read more