As well as been mythological, the laurel tree is used also as a merely decorative plant. Lately, the tree has became a trend and can be found in more and more gardens. On the Right: Laurel Bush © 2003 LoveToKnow. They are native to Mediterranean type climate with mild winters and hot, dry summers. A … Read more


The Tradition of Laurel Wreath in the Armed Forces and Military An army  has always been associated with a victory, one or another, alike on the Olympic medals, the army medals has acquired the tradition of stamping the wreath on the back side, or even on the front of the medal. The brave soldiers, almost … Read more


Laurel Wreath on Peace Symbols What, actually, the symbol of glory has to do with peace? As a matter of fact, it doesn`t only signifies the glory, but also the victory. the most well-spread emblem of peace, where a bird brings a wreath in her bill, represents the bringing of victory in the peaceful way, … Read more


Money and Coins That Contain Laurel Wreath Motif The tradition of stamping the laurel wreath on coins has started in the ancient Rome, where emperors were engraved with wreaths on their heads. Much later on, in France, Napoleon was stamped upon almost all the coins of that epoch. In the United States of America, the … Read more


Laurel Wreath on the Olympic Medals What can be a more suitable place for the laurel wreath, if not on the Olympic medal? Like so much of ancient history, the origins of the Olympic Games are veiled in mystery, myths and legends. The Greeks dated events from the first Olympiad in 776 B.C., which is … Read more