“The most dangerous moment comes with the victory” – Napoleon Bonaparte

The History of Laurel Wreath in the French Empire

The History of Laurel Wreath in the french empire

France has turned into the “French Empire” when Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) has stood in its head.

Before, and during the rise of France, Napoleon realized the importance of his power and authority in the eyes of his soldiers and citizens of the neighbour countries, and, inspired by the glory of the unbeaten Roman conquerors, demanded to be sculptured and stamped on the new coins with a wreath of laurel leaves on his head.

Laurel Wreath in the French empire's coin with Napoleon on it

Right: Napoleon on a frank coin.

The French leader’s desire to reach the legendary emperors success was also reflected in the bust-sculptures, made back in those days, where Napoleon wore the wreath, exactly the same way as his Roman idols. He dreamt of a military career since the early childhood, and became one of the greatest commanders known in history.

Laurel Wreath Napolion`s consuil`s logo

Napoleon, similarly to the Rome leaders, as the Emperor of France, were involved in all the civil processes, among them, education, science, literature, abolishment of the feudalism, creation of efficient governments and most importantly, he introduced law codes, which was an evolution in the French judging system.

Apparently, Napoleons wreath has indeed brought him his unfadable glory and historical memory, and the whole France has enjoyed the fruits of his success, even if at the cost of millions of lives.

Left: logo of the Napoleon’s consulship.