Money and Coins That Contain Laurel Wreath Motif

money and coins that contain laurel wreath motif

The tradition of stamping the laurel wreath on coins has started in the ancient Rome, where emperors were engraved with wreaths on their heads. Much later on, in France, Napoleon was stamped upon almost all the coins of that epoch. In the United States of America, the wreath was a part of almost all the coins since the very first days of the country’s establishment. Symbolizing the power of the quest and the unbeatenness.

Laurel Wreath on coins and money

Right: one ruble, 1853, the day of Tsar In Russia, the coin of the ruble has always bear the symbol of the laurel wreath, depending on the reigning monarchy and century. Before the revolution, on one side of the ruble a two-headed eagle were stamped, and on the other, the crown, coin’s value, and it surrounded with a wreath as an expression for wholeness and might of the Empire.

Laurel Wreath symbol on today paper money

After the revolution, even on the paper money, the motif of the leaves was used to represent the success, victory and courage of the people.

Left: Russian Rubble, 1947, the image of the ruble that was established after the revolution and also after the death of V.Lenin.