The Tradition of Laurel Wreath in the Armed Forces and Military

The Tradition of Laurel Wreath in the Armed Forces and Military

An army  has always been associated with a victory, one or another, alike on the Olympic medals, the army medals has acquired the tradition of stamping the wreath on the back side, or even on the front of the medal.

The brave soldiers, almost at the cost of their life spent days and years on a battle and awaited their rewards upon returning home. That was their laurel wreath for bravery, success and… victory. Lets take a look at a examples.

Below: an example of badge, given to one of the American division, for been an excellent and brave soldier.

Honorable military service medal

On the left below: The American “Honourable Military Service” medal.

Since World War II, the Armed Forces have been involved in numerous military operations, beginning with the Korean war and extending up the war against Iraq. The leitmotif of this specific medal we see on the left is the famous “ruptured duck,” the cross represents the military services and the laurel wreath represents honour and achievement. This medal is not issued or authorized by the Federal Government , nor can it be worn on the active duty uniform. However, it has been adopted by the Military Order of Foreign Wars and is offered as a purely civilian device to commemorate honourable military service.

The number of examples is enormous, as there are countless.

T h e   N a v y

Laurel Wreath and the Armed Forces

The Navy, like the amy adopted the laurel wreath as a symbol of power and success, as can be seen on the left. The tradition has started in the early days, when ships went to conquer other countries behind the horizons, and went back with trophies, slaves, food and honour. Today, the laurel wreaths image is used in the Marine’s theme almost as frequently as the rope or the anchor.