The History of Laurel Wreath

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This Award Program is proud to be rated and affiliated with the following organizations:

Award Sites! 4.0 rated select member
Award Sites! - Member since August 10th, 2005. Started with the initial rating of 3.5. In March 29th, 2006 received the compliance validation and W3CAR Rating Level Banner Alternative. In May 2006 upgraded to 4.0

Country: USA
Top Notch Site! Criteria Award
Award Sites! TopNotch Site! Criteria Award. SInce May 2006, winning the Gold award from this program takes your site one step closer for the TopNotch Site! achievement.

Country: USA
UWSAG rating 4
UWSAG - In April 2006, received the inital rating of 4.

Country: USA
Web Awards rating 3
Web Awards - Member since February 14th, 2006. Started with the initial rating 3.0

Country: Portugal & New Zealand
APEX member
APEX member - Became a member since March 22nd, 2006.

Country: USA
A member of APEX commitee
Member of APEX review commitee since April 2006.

Country: USA
listed in Lorelei web
Lorelei Web - Awards listing. Listed since January 2006.

Country: Israel
F.R.I. Rated 4.0
F.R.I - Awards Index. Member since October 21, 2005. Upgraded to level 4 in February 2006.

Country: Austria

Astral Peer award
Astral Peer Award - Member since November 9th, 2005.

Country: USA
Saturn Awards Raring
Saturn Awards Raring - Received the initial rating of 4 from Saturn

Country: Germany
Awards Treasure Chest Member
Awards Treasures Chest - Independent membership, since August 5th, 2005.

Country: USA
This Award program is listed in The Awards Awards
The Award Awards - Listed since August 2005
Firestarter Awards Index
Firestarter Awards Index - Listed since February 2006.
Poetic Soul Awards Index Poetic Soul Awards Index - Listed since May 2006.

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